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Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has recently released Windows Internet Explore 8 Beta 1 to the general public. According to Microsoft, the main focus development of Internet Explorer 8 is improving security and ease of use. Support for the latest technologies, such as CSS, RSS, and Ajax will also be top priorities of Internet Explorer 8 developers.

Internet Explorer 8 also aims to improve the compliance with existing Web standards, and break the compatibility issue with Web pages that were developed taking into consideration the bugs and quirks of earlier Internet Explorer versions. Discussed below are some of the top features of Internet Explorer 8.

ActiveX Improvements

Internet Explorer 8 aims to improve control over the use of ActiveX controls. Today, several ActiveX controls meant to run on only one Web site do not use any site-locking option. This makes the ActiveX controls insecure and they can be easily misused by dubious Web sites. With Internet Explorer 8, users will have a choice to ensure that ActiveX controls run on a site-by-site basis. Additionally, users without administrative privileges can now install ActiveX controls to their user profile. In doing so, if they install a malicious control, it will effect only this particular profile and keep the rest of your system safe.

Activities and WebSlices

Activities and Webslices have been incorporated in Internet Explorer 8 to make it easier to interact with Websites.

Activities are a type of browser extensions that work on content selected by you and send it to the services you select. For instance, you can use Activities to perform actions, such as send emails or add a bookmark or provide additional information, such as translating the given content.

Webslices help you subscribe to specially marked content on a particular Web page. Notifications about any changes to this content are sent to you on the Favorites Bar of your Internet Explorer.

Developer Tools and Standards Compatibility

Internet Explorer 8 comprises enhanced Developer Tools to help developers easily resolve problems related to script, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The CSS tool enables the developers to easily display the rules defined in the stylesheets that are loaded on a Web page. Lightweight script debugger has been included to make it easy set breakpoints in the script without closing Internet Explorer. Developers can also use the Version Mode Switching feature to change into different browser modes to test their Web content for compliance.

Improved Security

Internet Explorer errors due to security and privacy problems in the Web browser has been a main concern for users over the past several years. Several features have been included in Internet Explorer 8 to make it more secure for users and to improve privacy. The three major areas in which work has been done are: social engineering exploits, Web server exploits, and Browser-based exploits.

These and many more features have been included in the new Internet Explorer 8 to make it more user-friendly. Also, many tools have been incorporated to make the browser more user-friendly for Web developers. Internet Explorer 8 aims to take your web experience beyond the page and enable you to experience the best of Web whether you are an end-user or a Web developer.

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