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What's Coming In Microsoft Windows 7

Expected to be released toward the end of 2009, Microsoft Windows 7 formally referred to as Blackcomb and Vienna is the working name of the operating system that is going to succeed Windows Vista. The client version of the operating system will be released both in 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Work is also being done to develop the server version of the operating system, at the moment referred to as Window Server 7.

Microsoft is being quite secretive about the new operating system because their current focus is on marketing Windows Vista. However, there are a variety of speculations about the various features that will be included in Windows 7. There have been reports that Microsoft recently released Milestone 1 of Windows 7 to its key partners.

This build is said to have support for multiple heterogonous video adaptors and comprise a new Windows Media Center version. Media features have been enhanced and gadgets have been integrated within Windows Explorer. The build is also speculated to boast of a new XPS viewer, the ability to pin and unpin items from the Start menu and Recycle Bin, and a new calculator that features Programmer and Statistics modes.

Features such as simplified provisioning and system upgrades have been planned to lower the operating costs of the computer. Also, improvements in security features, such as enhanced data protection, easy management of peripheral devices, and monitoring the compliance capabilities have been planned to make the operating system more appealing for IT professionals.

The Milestone 1 version of Windows 7 is said to have the capability to store Internet Explorer configuration information in the Windows Live account of the users. The version is also said to comprise updated versions of Microsoft Paint and Wordpad. Enhanced and new network connection tools are also speculated to be added to the new operating system. For example, the new Windows may include converged local network and internet search ability, enhanced wireless connectivity, and improved network management and security tools.

Build 6574 of Windows 7 is speculated to comprise the Windows Health Center utility. This utility has been included to enable users to monitor all problems related to their computers from a single location. For instance, you may be able to use the tool to check problems within the Windows registry, enable and disable user accounts, and monitor third-party programs, such as firewalls, antivirus and antispyware.

It is also reported that Windows 7 will comprise new touch features. The capabilities of this feature were recently demonstrated to people on May 27th, 2008 at the All Things Digital Conference.

Support for virtual hard drives (VHD) is also speculated to be included in Windows 7. VHD is a feature that will enable support for single-file containers representing an entire hard drive with all its partitions.

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